Fun autumn cycling…

…November 13, 2016 20 miles Creve Coeur Park – Rode up Hog Hollow Rd., Yippee!

…November 6, 2016 52 miles “Cranksgiving” An awesome community ride through the city of St Louis, sponsored by St Louis Bicycle Works.  Participating area grocery stores were rest stops and opportunities to purchase items for Food Outreach. I added miles riding to and from the event which started at City Museum. 

…October 30, 2016 34 miles anotherGreen rideleft from the house to enjoy a morning ride around Creve Coeur Park and out to Bike Stop Café in St Charles, MO.  So hooked on their Peanut-butter balls!  Enjoyed the orange and red fall leaves around Pattonville High School.

…October 22, 2016 56 miles Tour de Shawnee- Olive Branch, IL                            Magnificent ride in the Shawnee National Forest. Chilly (40degrees) start, but warmed up quickly four miles into the ride with the first climb.  Had eerie thoughts when approaching this climb; the road was reminiscent of Rawling Ridge.  Absolutely Quiet on this ride, nothing to distract you from the glorious day.  After the first climb, ascended back to IL Route 3 and rode into Thebes, IL. The first rest stop was at the Historical Courthouse. It had all the usual snacks, including deer sausage! From this point the route followed the Mississippi River and crisscrossed back and forth over railroad tracks, always just ahead of another train.   This ride is a total community event; your registration fee is 100% donated to the decided charity for the year.  The rest stops were supported by different organizations; lunch stop was manned by the local 4-H members and the 2nd stop in McClure, IL had slices of home-made pumpkin roll, I had 3 slices, so good! The 2nd climb just continued winding up and up; what seemed like forever.  Layers of bike clothes were coming off!  From here turned on County Line Rd and continued the last climb up.  I have never coasted so far or fast from a descent. Wow! Last rest stop on the route was in Pulaski, IL at the county fairgrounds. (The village is named in honor of Polish Revolutionary War hero Casimir Pulaski) where a pecan festival was going on; everything pecans, including Pecan Chili. The ride concluded where it started in Olive Branch, IL. Well worth the drive to be part of this ride… 

…October 15, 2016 86 miles Destination Marcoots Jersey Creamery –Greenville, IL This was cycling at its best! A true cycling adventure; planned out and changed at the stroke of a bike pedal!  Fall colors were wonderful along the Madison county Schoolhouse and Glen Carbon Heritage Trails to Marine, IL. Pocahontas Rd offered a wide shoulder to travel to Pocahontas, IL.  Apple cider donuts along with hot cider were a tasty morning treat on the way at Mills Apple Farm. After leaving Pocahontas, the fun began!  The planned route; paved roads changed to two track gravel with grass growing in the middle which emptied into pigs wallowing in mud and about half a dozen donkeys, just crazy fun! From the farmer’s yard caught a red hexagon sign up ahead so rode in that direction, bingo found Dudleyville Rd; now its familiar road as I have been to the creamery by car several times.  Only a mile to go before cheese curds and ice cream!  Definitely awesome products; impressive what the Marcoot sisters have done with the family farm! Ok, rested and full from creamery goodness time to return a different way; hoping to stay on pavement for the return trip.  After checking with Amy Marcoot and Google maps formulated a better way back to Collinsville, IL (well?) all was good until the turn on the Frontage Rd along Hwy 70 at the bottom of the hill around the bend- flooded road.  Not riding through water, off came the shoes and socks.  Carried the bike, shoes and socks to the over side and lost the paved road, gravel again!  Well Google directions showed a road connecting to Pocahontas Rd but for some reason only wood lined soybean fields with another creek to cross, out in the middle of a soybean field; time to back track, back thru the flooded road, back to the turn that took me here. Back on pavement headed for Pocahontas, IL. After a break to clean up my bike shoes, the ride back to Collinsville was uneventful. Watched the sunset and the moon rise, 7 miles out.  Love biking adventures! #happybicyclechick

 …October 8, 2016 47 miles Creve Coeur Park-Katy Trail, Started from my driveway; a “green ride”. Rode to Creve Coeur Park and around the trails before heading over the Page Extension Bridge to join the Katy Trail, from there headed east to Machens, MO.  The trail repair had been done with rather large gravel making it difficult to ride.  Turned around and headed back for a new coffee destination; enjoyed a pumpkin spice latte at Picasso’s Coffee House.

October 2, 2016 57 miles Two Bridges Ride Creve Coeur Park was the starting point, rode down Maryland Heights Expressway into Earth City past old Rams Park to St Charles Rock Rd turned left and looped around Riverwoods Park. Joined the Earth City Levee to the 370 Bridge; up and over to catch the Katy Trail all the way to the Daniel Boone Bridge. Earlier this summer  while exploring the Chesterfield-Monarch Trail tried to cross for look at Howell Island, Missouri river was flowing over the path; but not this time.  I was greeted by mosquitos and muddy trail; needed a mountain bike.  Back on the Chesterfield-Monarch trail to Long Rd rode back thru Spirit of St Louis Airport. Baxter Rd, Chesterfield Parkway, Conway Rd, S Woods Mill Rd to Ladue Rd. which crossed over Olive Blvd into a subdivision and after several left turns was now on Howard Bend Station Rd. Only by bike!  Rode down the bluff to Waterworks Rd. then River Valley Rd and back to Creve Coeur Park. Not the most direct route -just bike riding at its best!

…October 1, 2016 41 miles New Towne-St. Charles Coffee Ride from my house and back…



Fall cycling…

…limited daylight now, only weekend riding, pretty soon indoor miles…
September 25, 2016 51 miles Fast Eddie Loop-First stop Old Towne Bakery-Pumpkin doughnut was awesome! Headed through Old Town Florissant to Old James Town Rd. to Lindbergh (Hwy67) entered Hwy367 to Alton, IL. Explored Red School Rd, then Riverlands Ways to Maple Island, over the Clark Bridge to Fast Eddies for Lunch. Headed home down the Confluence trail to the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge; returned via Dunn Rd to S. Waterford Dr. and back through Old Town Florissant to Trailblazer Bikes. Weather was warm and humid. Hills to start and hills to end the ride.
September 18, 2016 64 miles Trailnet’s Regatta Bike Ride- Another trip around Lake Carlyle (First ride in August). The trip in August was 12 miles longer as my map reading skills were challenged _ although the scenery somewhat different; I had wonderful “pink dots” from Trailnet to follow! I would recommend this route for a leisurely Sunday ride. You can obtain a map from the US Corp of Engineers office located at the west end of the lake. Do keep in mind you need to be self-supported, as there are no resources past Keyesports, IL till you reach Boulder Campground on the opposite side of Lake Carlyle.

September 11, 2016 10 miles My Neighborhood with limited daylight I can make the most of a ride on the hills surrounding my subdivision.

Cycling into September…



IMG_20160905_095031…September 5, 2016 48.5 miles Calhoun County 4 Ferries ride Started at the Commuter lot across from Mid-Rivers Mall. Left Old St Peters, headed to Golden Eagle Ferry ($). Calhoun County IL and hills.  Rode the Brussels Ferry; then up the river road to Pere Marquette Lodge for breakfast. As if the breakfast buffet wasn’t enough enjoyed a quick stop for ice cream at Hagens Orchard on the way back.  All the corn fields are browning and rustled with the wind which by the way seemed to be a headwind! J The heat and humidity had returned making the last strength an energy zapper. Air conditioning in the car was most appreciated! Several group members were a lifesaver as they doubled back with cold Gatorade. Thank You!

…September 4, 2016 49 miles Trailnet’s “Giro Della Montagna” Pedaled through, South City’s “the Hill” on through South County with a “porcelain” stop at Watson Trail Park. Some new territory; riding on the back side of Grant’s Farm.  Took a wrong turn (oops) and found Tapawingo Golf course. Turned around when I hit Hwy 30! Pedaled back through Sunset Hills; north on Geyer Rd to Frontenac, MO. Had not ridden on this section before. Lovely homes and yards; even a giraffe. Deviated from the map, took Clayton Rd to the 3rd rest stop at Parker’s Table by Forest Park. Road through thePark past BJC and IKEA to PaPPos Pizza and Brewery corner of Spring & Forest Parkway.  The weather was awesome for outside dining!  Pizza’s great! Finished the ride on Manchester Rd (designated bike lane) to Dale Ave where I had parked- Metro Parking Garage at Hanley Rd in Richmond Heights. Was pleased to see more bike lanes marked, I love city riding!!!

…August 29, 2016 15 miles Riverwoods Park looped the EarthCity Levee Trail

…August 28, 2016 23 miles Left my house for a early morning ride at Creve Coeur Park.

…August 23, 2016 P&J Rider Annual Picnic: Wonderful fellowship and food!

…August 21, 2016 33 miles Trailnet’s Bottleneck Bridge ride hills, hills and more hills pushed up, flew down. Beautiful weather to be outside riding the countryside, visited Sandy Creek Covered Bridge National Park.  Enjoyed lunch at Main and Mill Brewery, Festus,   MO


…August 13, 2016 63 miles Trailnet’s Ride the Rivers Metric Century rode a figure 8 route through Illinois and Missouri. Enjoyed the ride with a new friend! Drizzled in the morning, with overcast skies to finish the ride.

…August 9, 2016 33 miles Katy Trail rode to Daniel Boone Bridge over to Chesterfield-Monarch Trail, then bake to the Bike Stop Café – Peanut Butter Balls.

…August 7, 2016 76 miles Lake Carlyle Bike route good weather, self sustainable ride around Lake Carlyle. Pleasant weather, shady roads and almost non-existent traffic.

…August 6, 2016 34 miles Coffee ride to New Town, St Charles, MO.

…August 4, 2016 32 miles early morning KATY Trail ride, left from the Page Extension Trailhead to Research Park trail then up the Busch Greenway past Prairie Lake on the Howell trail then explored the Hamburg Trail; wonderful wild flowers and birds -so peaceful. Stopped to hike to the top of the Weldon Springs site; lost count of the steps, but the view was panoramic. The Weldon Springs Interpretive Center was very interesting with artifacts, photos and displays of the recovery/cleanup of the Weldon Springs Quarry.  Return trip was un-eventful with one exception:  a black snake, sunning on the trail startled me.  My screech sent the snake slithering off the trail.

…August 2, 2016   Ride was done before it started…forgot my cycling shoes L


Cycling Summertime Fun


…July 31, 2016 29 miles Covered all the paths in Creve Coeur park before heading to the Bike Stop Café in St Charles, MO for peanut butter balls!

…July 30, 2016 45 miles An extended version of the “coffee ride”. Rode on new asphalt roads -nice! before enjoying coffee at the Bridge.

…July 27, 2016 16 miles Food Trucks in the Park: Creve Coeur Park. Had the Best from Frankly Sausages; Chile Verde Sausage and brined fries, before spinning around the park.  Rumbling storm clouds caused a shortened ride.

…July 28, 2016 28 miles Joined P&J Riders for the “Fast 25” ride on the Schoolhouse loop of Madison County Trails. Clouds opened up and got soaked the last 6 miles.

…July 23, 2016 29.25 miles Rode shady trails of Madison County; even with the early start still oppressive humidity.

Crazy Hot and Humid the third week in July…

July 17, 2016 67 miles Hot day on country roads and Madison County Trails. Marine, IL first stop.  Met a young entrepreneur; Zachary was selling lemonade to raising money for a bicycle. Perfect timing for a break in Livingston, IL.  Continued to Staunton, IL for a lunch break at Subway.  Disappointed the Fish House in closed. Finished back at the starting point MetroEast Parks in Collinsville, IL.  Chocolate sundae at Culver’s to conclude the day!

…July 16, 2016 25.25 miles * “Coffee ride” Bike Stop Café- St Charles, MO

…July 14, 2016 15 miles St Charles County -amongst crazy people, lost my composer and returned a very un-lady like response to “Get the f*#$ off our roads”.

…July 10, 2016 32 miles KATY Trail to Daniel Boone Bridge up and over to Chesterfield-Monarch Levee trail Brunch at Kaldi’s returned on the KATY Trail. Love all these connections!

…July 9, 2016 34 miles Left Creve Coeur Park headed down Earth City Expressway to the Rock Rd, left turn to Riverwoods Park-Earth City Levee Trail traveled over the 370Bridge out to New Towne St Charles, MO for coffee at the Bridge; returned home through St Charles, MO and into Creve Coeur Park. 

…July 8, 2016 22 miles Pedaled around Creve Coeur Park, followed with kayaking!

…July 5, 2016 25 miles rode the “Fast 25” not so fast as the humidity and heat were sitting on me today. Shade on Madison County Trails was most welcome! Did you know even “big” kids can enjoy a kid’s meal special at Culvers on Tuesdays? Hurray for the ice cream sundae!

…July 4, 2016 20 miles “fireworks” Missouri River Greenway – Earth City Levee Trail


…July 3, 2016 Raining so next best thing; Trainer riding while watching Stage 2 Tour de France, the peloton left me behind..

…July 2, 2016 28.25 miles New Towne, St Charles, MO “Coffee ride” *this ride starts in Creve Coeur Park, out to Arena Parkway through St Charles, MO passed the Dog Park to New Towne*

…July 1, 2016 32 miles Creve Coeur Park to St Peters, MO.  Enjoyed b’fast at the Main Street Diner.

… Summer cycling fun


…June 2, 2016 15 miles– “Picnic on the Riverfront” Ride, so glad to have this route along the arch open again!

…June 4, 2016 34 miles– Rainy Tour de Cure, took a shorter route with hills to climb and did Principia Hill, because it was thereJ

…June 5, 2016 40 miles– KATY trail fun Trail Smokehouse for lunch in Defiance, MO. Explored Research Park spur and “soon to be open” path across the Daniel Boone Bridge connecting Busch Greenways, KATY trail and Monarch Levee-Chesterfield Valley trail.

…June 7, 2016 12 miles– afternoon neighborhood  ride Big BabyQ Smokehouse, Vargo Park & Hellebusch Park. Time to think…even picked up supper: smoked chicken.

…June 10, 2016 18 miles– Creve Coeur Lake trails; kayaking afterwards, woo hoo!

IMG_20160612_095139…June 12, 2016 30 miles– “sustainable backyard” tour- North County found EarthDance Farm the oldest certified organic farm on Dale Ave in Ferguson, MO and then onto Spanish Lake for two more backyards! Plums, raspberries and hops!  Boy was it hot!

…June 17, 2016 70 miles– ..its Official! Bike path across Daniel Boone Bridge is open! Monarch Levee-Chesterfield Valley along the Missouri river Started the day at Creve Coeur Park. Accessed the KATY via the Page Extension Trailhead continued on for lunch break at Augusta Brewing Co. and Ted Drewes custard in Defiance, MO. The return trip; left the KATY trail to visit Klondike Park. What a beautiful lake and several monster climbs!IMG_20160617_151033IMG_20160617_140450

…June 19, 2016 63 miles -Creve Coeur park starting point, headed to Smarrt Field and the Grafton Ferry ($4.00 for 2 wheels). Arrived for lunch at Grafton Winery & Brewhaus in Grafton, IL.  Left with water bottles filled for the Brussels Ferry to Calhoun County.  Road has new pavement but no shoulder; well, its large gravel so not suited for skinny tires. Rested at the closed antique/bar at the fork to Golden Eagle Ferry or onto Brussels; realized the soda machine was plugged in and running – enjoyed a cold Sprite! Headed to the Golden Eagle Ferry with a stop a Point Pleasant; more ice and water for the bottles and rider.  Cemetery Hill!  Grabbed a Shandy at Kinders before boarding the ferry for St Charles County.  The road was melting and the cleats were sinking, sticky tires, yuck! Back through New Towne- St Charles to Creve Coeur Park.

June 20, 2016 9.25 miles Summer Solstice Bike ride, sponsored by Bike Stop Café in St Charles, MO. Fat tire and peanut butter balls! Great way to welcome summer.

…June 23, 2016 25 miles Breakfast by bike Courtesy Diner on Hampton Ave.  Another hot day, really feeling the heat…

…June 26, 2016 35.25 miles Trailnet Old Chain of Rocks Bridge Bash, shorter route although found the way back to the McKinley Bridge from the end of the Schoolhouse trail.

…finished June with neighborhood rides, ready for Tour de France. Anyone else watching?  Can Tejay finish this year?imagesTWII3NC2

…cycling into summertime

…May 30, 2016 38.5 miles Trailnet-“Great Pizza Bicycle Ride” a Memorial weekend tradition. Hot, hilly fun! How could I have forgotten the climb back up off Bluff Rd?!?  Definitely hungry for lunch at Breadeaux Pizza Millstadt, IL.

…May 29, 2016 41 miles MCTrails (Madison County Bike Trails) through Edwardsville and Collinsville, IL.  Viewed the eagles nest with three eagles on the Schoolhouse spur. Indigo Buntings were everywhere and the scent of honeysuckle hung in the air.



…May 28, 2016 41 miles Saturday “Coffee ride” to New Town, in St Charles, MO. Rode from my house, no vehicle involved today. Always enjoy coffee at The Bridge.

…May 26, 2016 21.25 miles Laps around Creve Coeur Park; improved my blue mood. Later that afternoon purchased a new bicycle accessory: Thule T2Pro bike rack for the car from Trailblazer Bikes in Florissant, MO

…May 23, 2016 13.5 miles Evening ride at Creve Coeur Park, laps before the BLUES played game 5.

…May 21, 2016 29 miles “Broken Spoke Brew Ride” enough said -enjoyed awesome beverage at the end of the ride from Recess Brewing Co. Edwardsville, IL.  Well organized ride with great SAG support from The Cyclery and Fitness Center. Will do this ride again!

…May 15, 2016 37 miles Trailnet- “Berry Festival Ride” in St Jacob, IL. Riding motivation is strawberry shortcake waiting at the end. Windy day!!! What’s the saying, builds character!

…May 8, 2016 44 miles Urban riding at its Best-glorious weather! Started at N Hanley MetroLink Station. Took St Louis County #TedJonestrail to STLCC-Florissant Valley campus to catch Washington-Elizabeth. Rode the outer road to the Chain of Rocks Bridge joined the #Riverfronttrail to the Arch grounds.  Had to portage my bike down the arch steps once again to access Leonor K. Sullivan Boulevard.  Next month (June 2nd) will be able to ride on the new portion in front of the Arch.  Headed up resurfaced Chouteau Ave with marked bike lanes. Turned on Compton Ave. and cut over to Forest Parkway to have lunch at PaPPos Pizzeria & Brew Co. Pizza and beer in a bike friendly atmosphere! Rode NW back through CWE to Forest Park.  Picked up #Centennialtrail on Washington University campus; from there up Kingsland to Ferguson Rd to St Vincent-St Louis County Park and #StVincenttrail, thru UMSL and safely back to the car.

March Madness turns to April Delight…

…detecting a pattern, seem to be stuck on 43miles 😉  #happybicyclechick

…April 17, 2016 43 miles Trailnet’s “Bottom out RideToday was total “Green” My car stayed home! Rode to the Bike Stop Café in St. Charles, MO to register and start the ride.  Traveled Boschert Greenway where the turtles were numerous, soaking up Sunday’s sunshine. Returned back thru Creve Coeur Park; the Centennial greenway. Then home!

…April 16, 2016 43 miles “Coffee ride”  a ride to Newtown-St Charles, MO with a loop on Washeon Rd, Church Rd and back into town for coffee at The Bridge. Glorious weather!

…April 3, 2016 43 miles Trailnet’s “Spring Chicken Ride Bike season’s traditional “official” start! This year was a new twist the ride shared pavement and the Katy Trail State Park.  Enjoyed a great burger at the Defiance Roadhouse.


…April 2, 2016 29 miles “Coffee rideAn out and back with a stop at The Bridge coffee shop in Newtown-St Charles, MO

…March 17, 2016 “Lucky Irish Ride” 44 miles Great weather, traveled St Vincent’s Greenway to Forest Park. Then east to Urban Chestnut Brewing Company in the Grove for lunch (indoor bike parking) plenty of Sunshine!  Rode to Tower Grove Park. Finished by riding up Arsenal to view the St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Dogtown. Enjoyed a $3 Guinness Draught before returning to Trailblazer Bikes in Florissant, MO.  Oops forgot about rush-hour traffic on Washington & Elizabeth.

…March 6, 2016 15 miles Creve Coeur Park, fortunate to have easy access to the bike trails